Our Story

At Mangrove, we aim to create not only scarves but statements of authentic elegance, a visual melody of colors, styles and patterns that will spice up any outfit for any occasion. With a fresh mix of trends, techniques, and prints each scarf inspires a story, accentuating your presence, whether it’s just another day at work or the night of your dreams.We see scarves not as an accessory but as an expression of personal flair.

Start Quotes

Let Mangrove be there as you script a new page in the story of your life.

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Our scarves are inspired by runways, travel through colorful places, and love for exquisite and finer things. Our styles originate from age old block printing, digital printing, and special techniques such as foil, hand painting and embroidery. Each scarf is meticulously weaved with our uncompromising commitment to quality. We use nothing but finest
materials – extra fine modal, micro modal, wool, and cashmere – and transform them into symbols of fashion using tireless love for detail and highest craftsmanship.Beginning as a California label, Mangrove has become an International brand within few seasons. Today Mangrove is sold in hundreds of stores worldwide and the number is quickly growing.